The Moral Law

Moral LawThe List

There was a woman who was married to a husband who was very mean to her. He would make up lists of things for his wife to do each day. The lists would include things like; washing the dishes, cleaning his clothes, ironing his clothes. Everyday he would make these lists for her to do. One day her husband got sick and he died. Luckily for her she remarried and found a wonderful husband who loved her dearly. This woman had been married for a long time and when she was cleaning up she found one of the old lists. When she looked over the list she was doing all of the same things. Something was different now, she did them out of love and not because she was forced to do them. In the same way we keep the commandments because we love God and want to have a relationship with Him.

The 10 Commandments

The ten commandment provided Israel with the moral framework for maintaining their relationship with God. Israels obedience to the commandments was not a matter of submission to the divine will as much as a response to love. Our keeping of the commandments is supposed to be a love response, and not something that we do begrudgingly. In the bible we see how the ten commandments operates in life of the Israelite. The ten commandments from the basis for how people live with one another.The bible tells a story of a rich young ruler who thought he knew the commandments.

Rich young ruler.

A young energetic man came to Jesus wondering what must do to be saved. Eagerly awaiting an answer Jesus told this young man that He must keep the commandments ( Matthew 19:16-19) . The young man was excited because he kept these commandments from his youth. The commandments for the the Israelite s were  interwoven into their culture. The commandments helped them to understand what their relationships was with God.

Law and life

Paul wants us to understand that the law is not just something that should be read (Romans 13:8-10), it is something that is t experienced. The law is manifested in the way that we treat out neighbor. This text shows us that the law is fulfilled by the love we show one to another. Here James wants us to know that if we are to keep the law then we must keep all of it. We can not keep one commandment at the exclusion of the others (James 2:8-12). The keeping of the law must be all or none. The keeping of the law will be seen in the lifestyle that we live.

We keep the commandments because we love God. The laws is manifested in our hearts and our lives.

Prayer: Lord we thank you for all that you have done for us. Help us to live our lives in a way that represents You.

Mosaic Law: Civic


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Roman Law


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Comparing Costs


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Disciplined Response

Winners Losers

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