I was lost.

I remember when I purchased my first car. I actually bought it on eBay, and I took a bus all the way to Vermont from Michigan in order to pick up the car. This was before I had a GPS.

The first night I got the car, I got lost. I remember getting that sinking feeling in my stomach that I was lost and heading in the wrong direction. Anytime I am traveling my body lets me know when something is wrong.

I have come to the realization that weather my body lets me know or not that if I keep heading in wrong direction, I am getting nowhere fast. In order for me to get on the right direction I must stop take a look at a map and turn around to get on track.

In the same way when we are spiritually lost we must repent, we must turn around and head in another direction.

In Luke 13:1–5 Jesus stresses the importance of repenting. There were some who approached Jesus to ask about tragedy in the current events. Jesus responding to them with His teaching about repentance. In summary Jesus wanted to let the Galileans know that unless they repent they will also suffer a similar fate.

The good news is that we do not have to repent on our own, but it is “the goodness of God that leads us to repentance” (Rom 2:4). The Holy Spirit works in our lives in order to change our hearts toward God. God draws us to Himself with his loving kindness (Jerm 31:3). God loves us so much that in every part of the salvation process He has provided His grace to help us move along.

What are the evidences of God’s love? What have you seen and experienced and learned that gives you powerful reasons to trust in His goodness? Why is it so important always to dwell on those reasons, especially in bad times?

Prayer: Lord we thank You for your grace and your mercy, may Your Spirit continue to work in our hearts to repent. Thank You in Jesus name amen.

Recognize your need

Recognize Your Need

As a chaplain I have the opportunity to work with a diverse population of people. I worked in a spirituality group on a behavioral health unit. Here we would discussion  various topics , to encourage spiritual conversation. It gave me great pleasure to work with this group, because they recognized their need.  It is difficult [...]

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Lesson Summary – Salvation

Lesson Summary Salvation

Further Study: Ellen G. White, The Sinner’s Need of Christ, pp. 17-22, in Steps to Christ; The Subject Presented in 1883, pp. 350-354, in Selected Messages, book 1. Looking upon the crucified Redeemer, we more fully comprehend the magnitude and meaning of the sacrifice made by the Majesty of heaven. The plan of salvation is glorified before us, and the thought of [...]

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Christ Gives Us Eternal Life

Christ Give Us Life

If you have been a college student, with less than perfect financial acumen, you might have bad credit. I might not be talking to you, but for those who know what I am talking about keep reading. College debt, and credit card debt has left your credit score less than desirable. Wait for it….. you [...]

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Free From Sin

Freedom from Sin

In John 8:34-36 Jesus talks about a type of freedom which is absolute.Jesus says that you will be free indeed. This suggests to us that there is freedom where you are absolutely free. In this world everyone is looking for freedom. Teenagers are looking fore freedom from they constraints of their parents rules.Employees are looking [...]

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