The Assurance of the Fool

Copy of Teaching of Jesus

Those who have every raised children, or who have every been a child can remember the time when you knew absolutely everything. As a teenager I was utterly convinced that I had acquired  infinite knowledge and understood all mysteries of life. When I was young I did not know enough to know what I did know know, I knew just enough to be dangerous. I can remember that as I got older either my parents got smarter or I began to realize how much wisdom existed in their counsel.

The assurance of a the fool can be compared to the assurance of my adolescent years.  In proverbs 14 it talks about some of the follies that a fool  assured of himself can fall into .

The fool tears down his house. (1) The fool has no regard for his name, or even his property. Your home is the place where you live , and your name is something that you are know by. When you tear down your home you are behaving recklessly, even inappropriately. In the mind of the one how tears down his house there is no concept of long term planning all living is for the immediate needs and impulses. The house of the wicked will be destroyed (11) . Looking into the future you can see the end of the one who does not behave wisely ; his house will be destroyed.  The assurance of the fool causes him to be very short sited in his world view and his action.

The Naive believes everything but the sensible man considers his steps

The Naive believes everything but the sensible man considers his steps (15). Have you ever met someone who was gullible, and they believed just about anything? There are those who reject the messages of the scriptures, but what is it that they put in it’s place? Does it take more faith to believe a world view apart from the one in the scriptures?

Mere talk leads to poverty (23). Have you ever met someone who was just all talk and no action? This is something which accurately describes the fool. The wise man is someone who’s words matches his actions, when he says something he does it with the fool this is not so.  Another thing about the fool is that his temper gets hims into trouble, he who is quick tempered exalts folly (29). There is virtue in being slow to anger, something has to be said about that.

It’s easy to see the traits of a fool in others, but what about our own selves?Which if any, of these character flaws might you need first to recognize, and then seek by god’s Grace to overcome?

Prayer: Lord help us to be wise, by looking to your for wisdom may we never know too much. In Jesus name amen.

To Be Born Again

Copy of Teaching of Jesus(1)

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Recognize your need

Recognize Your Need

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Lesson Summary – Salvation

Lesson Summary Salvation

Further Study: Ellen G. White, The Sinner’s Need of Christ, pp. 17-22, in Steps to Christ; The Subject Presented in 1883, pp. 350-354, in Selected Messages, book 1. Looking upon the crucified Redeemer, we more fully comprehend the magnitude and meaning of the sacrifice made by the Majesty of heaven. The plan of salvation is glorified before us, and the thought of […]

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