Wives Husbands married to an unbeliever?

Wives HusbandsWives husbands Married to an unbeliever?

As a Christian, you may be in a marriage with a person who is not a Christian. Another situation is you might have both been unbelievers when you got married, and one of you decides to give your life to Christ. You might get married to an unbeliever with the hopes that you could change them. Whatever the case you now find yourself in a marriage with and unbeliever, what do you do? Wives husbands Peter has the answer to this Question.

“Unspoken acting is more powerful than unperformed speaking” [AECUMENIUS].

Read 1 Peter 3:1-7. What special circumstance is Peter addressing in this passage? How is what is said relevant to marriage in today’s society?

“In the same way” – When Peter uses this phrase, he is alluding to his pericope addressing slaves and masters. (1 Peter 2:18-20)

Peter makes the point that wives should be submissive to their husbands and not to another person. Steiger makes explains that when a woman is married to an unbeliever, there is danger in attaching to another spiritual teacher or leader and forming a relationship which is reserved for her husband thus committing spiritual adultery.

A spouse does not alway need to talk about the Gospel to share the Gospel. Through their actions, they can share a Gospel far stronger than empty words.

Practical Application

You might be in a similar situation described in this passage. Peter encourages you to do three things.

1. Be respective and appropriately submissive to you your spouse.
2. Show a godly example.
3. Wives husbands, Make yourself shine by developing inner beauty.

Prayer: Lord helps us all to be examples into our spouses. Thank You in Jesus name amen.


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