The Call of Abraham

wanderer-455338_1280It was like yesterday that I remember when I got the call to ministry. Every minister as a story around their call which validates them as a minister. At the time I was studying computer science, and I just felt like I wanted to do something more. After I prayed and took counsel with friends and family, I knew what I had to do. I stepped out into unknown territory to go the the country where God called me.  Even though you may not be a minister, you too have a calling.

 Even though you may not be a minister, you too have a calling!

In Genesis 12:1-3 we see the call of Abraham. God Called Abraham  from the land of his Father to a foreign country. God gave Abraham a promise that he would make him great, and he stepped out on faith! Like Abraham we have all had these pivotal moments like Abraham. To move from where we are to where God

Through the call of Abraham we see elements of our own call, what is God calling you to today?

Prayer: Lord God almighty we thank you that you have a vision for our lives and call us by faith into the far country. Lord please grant us the courage to move forward by faith.

The Assurance of the Fool


Those who have every raised children, or who have every been a child can remember the time when you knew absolutely everything. As a teenager I was utterly convinced that I had acquired  infinite knowledge and understood all mysteries of life. When I was young I did not know enough to know what I did […]

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To Be Born Again

Copy of Teaching of Jesus(1)

There was a man who came to Jesus at night. This man was very important, and he was a ruler of his people.The man was Nicodemus. Nicodemus had heard about Jesus and he wondered what, and who was this Jesus guy? what is He all about. Nicodemus was curious but he did not want to […]

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I was lost. I remember when I purchased my first car. I actually bought it on eBay, and I took a bus all the way to Vermont from Michigan in order to pick up the car. This was before I had a GPS. The first night I got the car, I got lost. I remember […]

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Recognize your need

Recognize Your Need

As a chaplain I have the opportunity to work with a diverse population of people. I worked in a spirituality group on a behavioral health unit. Here we would discussion  various topics , to encourage spiritual conversation. It gave me great pleasure to work with this group, because they recognized their need.  It is difficult […]

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