To Be Born Again

Copy of Teaching of Jesus(1)

There was a man who came to Jesus at night. This man was very important, and he was a ruler of his people.The man was Nicodemus. Nicodemus had heard about Jesus and he wondered what, and who was this Jesus guy? what is He all about. Nicodemus was curious but he did not want to come during the day so that others would enquire about his interest in this Jesus fellow. When Nicodemus came to Jesus he was given a surprise.

Jesus essentially told Nicodemus all your prestige and power means nothing in my kingdom, in my kingdom you must do something radical. You must be born again. Nicodemus was confused and he did not understand what it meant to be born again(John 3:1-15). Nicodemus thought Jesus was literally asking Nicodemus to go back into his mothers womb a second time.

Jesus was trying to explain something spiritual to Nicodemus but he was thinking of being born naturally.  To be born again involves two things as Jesus has stated (John 3:5). The first thing is baptism by immersion. Jesus demonstrated His commitment to this when He was baptised by John the Baptist (Mat 3:13-17). In this same passage we see Jesus’ baptism of the Spirit. In the baptism of the Spirit, God takes residence with the believer giving them the power to live a holy life and a changed heart (Ezek 36:26).

As you  reflect on the story of Nicodemus I am sure you  can remember the time when you met Jesus in the night. You were hesitant and you were sceptical, but you gave Him a chance and He changed your life. Reflect on this time, what was it like, how did you feel, what is different or what is the same. Jesus has the amazing ability to change the lives of people, Jesus did it for Nicodemus and He wants to do it for you. This is what is means to be born again.

Prayer: Lord we are thankful for Your saving power to change our lives. We are asking that You not only change our lives in baptism but may You continually change us day by day. Thank You in Jesus name amen.



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