The Temptation



Unfortunately, at one people in your life you might have experienced bullying. You might have even been the bullie yourself. The thing about bullies is that they pick on the unpopular kids or the kids that stand out. It is not fair, but it is the modus operandi of bullies.

In the Spiritual sense, we have a bully and His name is Satan.

In the Spiritual sense, we have a bully and His name is Satan. He first picked on humanity in the Garden of Eden. He isolated eve, and he was able to deceive her into doing what God asked her not to do. The first Adam was unsuccessful in resisting the wiles of the devil, so Satan tries it again on the second Adam Jesus Christ.

Same old Tricks

The funny thing is that he uses the same old tricks. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, a the pride of life( 1 John 2:16). In Matthew 14:1-12 we see Satan confront Jesus in the wilderness. In the fashion of bullies, he confronts Jesus while he is weak and emaciated. It appears as if Satan has the upper hand but Jesus has a secret weapon the Word of God.

With every single one of the temptations, Satan is trying to get Jesus to go against God’s word and sin. You may ask yourself why did Jesus have to go through this. Jesus already fasted for forty days, and at the point where He is the weakest He faces His fiercest opponent.

Because He won we Won!

Jesus went through this for us. Jesus was able to overcome the temptations that Adam failed so that we by accepting Him as our Saviour can claim His victory as our victory. Jesus was able to overcome by the power of God’s word which he hid deep inside of Him. Jesus was unable to be shaken by the insinuations and temptations of the Enemy because He knew the Word of God.

How does this account, by showing us in such a powerful way that there is no excuse for our sin, make our need for Christ’s righteousness so essential? Imagine if we had to stand in our own righteousness without that covering and without justification for our sins! What hope would we have?

Prayer: Lord we thank you for the victory that you had over Satan time and time again. And because you won we won! Grant us the grace that we need to stand in our time of weakness and temptation.

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