Wives Husbands married to an unbeliever?

Wives husbands Married to an unbeliever? As a Christian, you may be in a marriage with a person who is not a Christian. Another situation is you might have both been unbelievers when you got married, and one of you decides to give your life to Christ. You might get married to an unbeliever with […]

Masters and Slaves

What would you do? I am sure we have all been in a situation where we had to ask should I or should I not get involved. When you are driving down the side of the road and someone is stranded you might say I should help but I am busy. You might even say […]

Church and State

What happened? When the current united states president was elected, it was a day of happiness and a day of sadness for many. The last American election polarized our country link no other. Adding this on top of the already tense racially charged American seemed like the straw that broke the camels back for some […]

Proclaiming the Praises

Giving Back. I am sure every one of us can remember someone who helped us out at a crucial time in my life. For me, it was key men in my life that gave me an opportunity that I would not have had before unless they took extended to me their help. The Gift The […]

A Royal Priesthood

To be Chosen As a kid, I loved to play pick-up games of tag football and basketball. The moment of truth was when all the kids would stand in a line, and we had to pick our teams. No one wanted to be the last kid chosen. If you were picked first, you knew that […]

God’s Covenant People

Contract or Covenant These two words seem very similar , and can be used in similar context. When I started my business with a business partner, we signed a contract between each other. We have an agreement that we both will execute our side of the obligations. Marriage Commitment When I married my wife we […]

The Living Stone

The Foundation. My dad worked in construction, and I remember the time that we built a house from the ground up. There was nothing to the house when we began except a slab of concrete. This slab of concrete did not look like much, but it was what we needed to start to build the […]

Living as a Christian

Learning a new way I remember when my brother and I first started to observe the Sabbath. Saturdays were days where we would spend time playing and jumping and running around, watching cartoons eating cereal and having the most enjoyable fun ever imaginable to a little child. That fun filled day all changed when we […]

The Temptation

Bullies Unfortunately, at one people in your life you might have experienced bullying. You might have even been the bullie yourself. The thing about bullies is that they pick on the unpopular kids or the kids that stand out. It is not fair, but it is the modus operandi of bullies. In the Spiritual sense, […]

The Contrast in the Wilderness

Unfair advantage. At one time in your life, you have heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. The story has a moral “Slow and steady wins the race”. The tortoise is, of course, no match for the rabbit but the turtle ends up winning the race. The hare decided to take a nap […]

John the Baptist and “Present Truth”

Special Days If you have a significant other, you will understand what I am about to say. Remember the special days in your relationships. Many arguments have come and gone because one person forgot the special day. You might not remember the particular day, or you might not make it unique enough. Not making a […]

Lesson Summary – Son of David

Further Thought: Look at this quote from Ellen G. White: “It is thus that every sinner may come to Christ. ‘Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us.’ Titus 3:5. When Satan tells you that you are a sinner, and cannot hope to receive blessing from […]

The Birth of David’s Divine Son

Received and Rejected. In the bible we can see,that there were some people who accepted God and there were some people who rejected Him. Look at Pharaoh, for example, the Bible tells us that God hardened pharaohs heart. When we make a conscious decision to reject God the natural result is a hardened heart. There […]

While we were Yet Sinners,

The journey of grace. I remember when my conscience was deeply convicted that I had to give me life over to the Lord, I was only about eighteen years old. When I did that my life did not magically change, I still had the desires that had the day before. What did change me, was […]

Jesus’ Early Family Tree

The black sheep of the family The term black sheep is an idiom used to describe someone who does not fit into a typical family setting. We all have them in our families, and I am sure you are thinking of that person in your mind now. For whatever reason the black sheep has done […]

A Royal Line

When we think of Jesus it is easy to understand that He is divine but sometimes difficult to understand that He was also human. The writer of Matthew seeks to remind us about “…The human nature of Jesus and to His essential humanity; our Creator has linked Himself to us in ways that we can […]

A Book of Genesis

Remember where you came from. My mother made it her duty to share with my brother and I the story of our family origin. She told us stories of her brothers, her parents and great grand parents. My uncle Leo was the genius who I strived to be like as a kid, my uncle Donald […]

The Call of Abraham

It was like yesterday that I remember when I got the call to ministry. Every minister as a story around their call which validates them as a minister. At the time I was studying computer science, and I just felt like I wanted to do something more. After I prayed and took counsel with friends […]

The Assurance of the Fool

Those who have every raised children, or who have every been a child can remember the time when you knew absolutely everything. As a teenager I was utterly convinced that I had acquired  infinite knowledge and understood all mysteries of life. When I was young I did not know enough to know what I did […]

To Be Born Again

There was a man who came to Jesus at night. This man was very important, and he was a ruler of his people.The man was Nicodemus. Nicodemus had heard about Jesus and he wondered what, and who was this Jesus guy? what is He all about. Nicodemus was curious but he did not want to […]