Bible Study Lessons

The Sanctuary 
Revival and Reformation
“Seek the Lord and Live” – Major Lessons from Minor Prophets
Growing in Christ
1 and 2 Thessalonians
Evangelism and Witnessing 
Glimpses of Our God
The Gospel in Galatians 
Garments of Grace: Clothing Imagery in the Bible
“Jesus Wept”: The Bible and Human Emotions
Background Characters in the Old Testament
Redemption in Romans
Health and Healing
The Fruit of the Spirit
People on the Move: The Book of Numbers
Loved and Loving: John’s Epistles
Walking the Walk: The Christian Life
The Prophetic Gift)
Atonement and the Cross of Christ
Agents of Hope: God’s Great Missionaries
The Wonder of Jesus
The Refiner’s Fire
For Better or for Worse: Lessons From Old testament Couples
Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet: The Bible for Today
Beginnings and Belongings
The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment
The Holy Spirit
Families in the Family of God
Ephesians – The Gospel of Relationships
The Spiritual Life – Experiencing Jesus Christ as Lord
Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark
His Wondrous Cross – The Story of Our Redemption
Religion in Relationships
Isaiah – “Comfort My People”
The Gospel of John
Sanctuary Themes – The Book of Hebrews
The Forgiven
The Promise – God’s Everlasting Covenant
Living the Advent Hope
Rebellion and Reformation: A History of the Divided Monarchy
Great Apocalyptic Prophecies
The Cosmic Conflict Between Christ & Satan
Amos – Seek Me and Live
Pillars of Our Faith
Bible Biographies – Actors in the Drama Called Planet Earth
Great Prayers & Pray-ers of the Bible
Proverbs – Wisdom to Live By
Witnessing: Turning the World Upside Down
The Certainty of the Second Coming
Our Assurance of Salvation
The Church in Today’s World
God’s Creation – Looking at the Biblical Account
Nature of Man – Origin of Humankind, Fall and Restoration
Studies on Revelation and Inspiration – God Shows and Tells
Our Wonderful God – Understanding Him Better
2 Corinthians – A Call to Christian Ministry
Happy Are You! Citizens of the Kingdom
1 Corinthians – The Gospel on the Street
Healing and Restoration
Parables of Jesus
God Is Love
Spiritual Gifts, Keys to Ministry