Hope and Trust in God

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord” (Ps. 31:24, NIV). What reasons do we have for putting our hope in the Lord? I have learned that we must experiment with God. When I read the scriptures I see God has made many promises to me and and I experiment with […]


Read Matthew 25:34–46. What is Jesus saying to us here? What does this mean in the light of Ephesians 2:8, 9? The simple fact is that faith and works go together. Sometimes it appears more  complicated than it really is but it’s not hard to understand. I found a passage  that really helped me out […]


Happy Ramadhan, Eid Mubarak – عيد فطر مبارك a photo by Hamed Saber on Flickr. Read Matthew 6:14, 15. What powerful message is Jesus giving to us here? What is He saying that is so full of eternal consequence for all of us? This text really opened my eyes about what forgiveness is all about. […]

Worship and Church Community

Read 1 Corinthians 12:12–31 and Ephesians 4:15, 16. What do these verses tell us about our role and place in a larger church community? Every Christian has a part to play in the church community, no one is unimportant. God has gifted each of us specifically so that we can work together for the building […]

The Praying Lord

http://www.ssnet.org/qrtrly/eng/11a/less13.html#sun Read Mark 1:21–35 and Luke 4:31–42. What lessons can you learn about His habits of prayer? What should this say to us about our need to pray? When we look at the ministry of Jesus in this passage we can see that it was very intense. Jesus was able to accomplish many amazing things. […]

Psalm 104

Read Psalm 104 prayerfully. What does it tell us about the role of God in creation and in the natural world? The bible lets us know that God played and active role in the creation of the natural world. When we read this we see the majesty and awesomeness of God in creation. What type […]

Communion With God in Nature

  Wednesday’s Lesson – Communion With God in Nature Read Matthew 6:25–34. What is Jesus telling us that we can learn from studying nature? When we look at nature it gives us so many wonderful lessons.  In nature we see a picture of  a God who is a loving provider. God does not let the […]

God’s Gifts Through Nature

  Tuesday’s Lesson – God’s Gifts Through Nature Read Jeremiah 10:12, 13. What picture is presented here of God’s creative power and His present involvement in natural phenomena? What can we learn about the character of God through His created works? We find that God is the creative mastermind behind the works of creation. The […]

Sin and Nature

Monday’s Lesson – Sin and Nature Read over Genesis 3, the Fall. What immediate changes came to both humans and nature as a result of sin? Life on planet earth changed after the fall.  Adam and Eve originally enjoyed blissful communication with God but after the fall they ran away from their loving creator. Originally man ran […]

A Perfect Environment

  Sunday-‘s Lesson – Nature as a Source of Health Initially we see in Gen. 1:28 that God gives dominion over everything that lives on the earth. The way God created things, His creation was subject to man. Today we find that some are afraid of animals and we even find instances where animals attack […]

Further Study

FRIDAY March 11 Further Study: “Words and acts testify plainly what is in the heart. If vanity and pride, love of self and love of dress, fill the heart, the conversation will be upon the fashions, the dress, and the appearance, but not on Christ or the kingdom of heaven. If envious feelings dwell in […]

Personal Image

Personal Image – Thursday’s Lesson Read 1 Peter 3:3, 4. How different is what’s said there from what society teaches us? Society teaches us that we must be all about externals. We are judged by what we wear the cars that we drive and even by our skin color. The bible teaches us that the […]

The Love of Money

Wednesday’s Lesson – The Love of Money Read Mark 10:17–27. See also 1 Tim. 6:10 and Luke 12:15. What warning must we take away from these texts? Mark 10:17-27 The rich young ruler came to Jesus and he wanted to follow him but his riches where a snare to him. Jesus tested the rich young […]


  Tuesday’s Lesson – Gambling Read Matthew 25:15–30. How could one apply the teaching here to the problem of gambling, especially when the vast majority of people who gamble lose? God has entrusted resources to us to be used wisely. In the story the money that was given to the servants was not theirs.  In […]

Sex Addiction

Monday’s Lesson – Sex Addiction What does the Bible say about sex as a source of enjoyment and strengthening marriage relationships? Prov. 5:18, 19; 1 Cor. 7:2–5. Sex is one of the many enjoyable gifts that God has granted to men and women. God designed it not only for procreation but also to be a […]

Alcoholic Beverages

Sunday’s Lesson – Alcoholic Beverages Read Proverbs 23:29–35. What do these verses say about the adverse effects of alcohol? From your own experiences, what have you seen of the devastating effects from the use of this poison? The wise man lets us know the seducing effects that alcohol has over a person. Alcohol not only […]

Saul’s Jealousy of David: Part 2

  Wednesday’s Lesson – Saul’s Jealousy of David: Part 2 Read 1 Samuel 19. What path can you see Saul on? What lessons are here for us? Saul was on a path to personal destruction. Saul was so concerned with David that it impacted his entire  life. Saul even brought his subordinates into the conflict […]

Saul’s Jealousy of David: Part 1

  Tuesday’s Lesson – Saul’s Jealousy of David: Part 1 What was Saul’s initial attitude toward David? 1 Sam. 18:1–5. When we read this story we see that initially Saul was pleased with David. The bible tells us that David prospered Saul wherever he went and this was pleasing in the sight of Saul. What […]

At the Root of Evil

  What was the cause of Satan’s expulsion from heaven? Isa. 14:12–14. What does it say about  freedom that even in a perfect environment, heaven, this terrible trait was able to arise? Lucifer began to become dissatisfied with his position. Lucifer wanted more than it was his right to have  he literally wanted to be […]

Further Study

FRIDAY February 25 Further Study: “If God cares for a sparrow . . . how will he care for the purchase of the blood of Christ? One soul is worth more than all the world. For one soul Jesus would have passed through the agony of Calvary that that one might be saved in his […]