Psalm 104

Read Psalm 104 prayerfully. What does it tell us about the role of God in creation and in the natural world? The bible lets us know that God played and active role in the creation of the natural world. When we read this we see the majesty and awesomeness of God in creation. What type […]

Communion With God in Nature

  Wednesday’s Lesson – Communion With God in Nature Read Matthew 6:25–34. What is Jesus telling us that we can learn from studying nature? When we look at nature it gives us so many wonderful lessons.  In nature we see a picture of  a God who is a loving provider. God does not let the […]

God’s Gifts Through Nature

  Tuesday’s Lesson – God’s Gifts Through Nature Read Jeremiah 10:12, 13. What picture is presented here of God’s creative power and His present involvement in natural phenomena? What can we learn about the character of God through His created works? We find that God is the creative mastermind behind the works of creation. The […]

Sin and Nature

Monday’s Lesson – Sin and Nature Read over Genesis 3, the Fall. What immediate changes came to both humans and nature as a result of sin? Life on planet earth changed after the fall.  Adam and Eve originally enjoyed blissful communication with God but after the fall they ran away from their loving creator. Originally man ran […]

A Perfect Environment

  Sunday-‘s Lesson – Nature as a Source of Health Initially we see in Gen. 1:28 that God gives dominion over everything that lives on the earth. The way God created things, His creation was subject to man. Today we find that some are afraid of animals and we even find instances where animals attack […]