Morality and Accountability

In an earlier lesson, we looked at Paul’s sermon to the men in Athens (Acts 17:16–31). Follow the line of reasoning he used, noting not just where he started but where he ended. What’s so important about the conclusion he came to, particularly regarding the question of origins and morality? Paul starts his sermon by […]

Made of One Blood

Read Acts 17:26. How does Paul link the brotherhood of all humanity to the Creation? Compare with Matt. 23:9. In Acts 17:26 Paul makes it very clear that we all (humans) have a common ancestor, Adam and Eve (not monkeys) made of one blood. We all come from the same blood. Racism, social and economical […]

In the Image of God

Read Genesis 1:26-28. What special attribute was given to humans that was not given to the animals? This passage tells the story of God creating man. What does it mean to be created in the image of God? The bible tells us that we were originally created upright(Ecl 7:29) If in the creation we were […]

Our Dependence on the Creator

Read Genesis 2:16-17. What command did God give to Adam? What is implied in this command? I am not sure if every kid goes through this phase but I remember when I did; I am someways still going through it. It is the phase of asking the question, why? I can remember asking my parents […]