“I Fell at His Feet as Dead”

Read Revelation 1:13–18, John’s depiction of Jesus, as revealed to him there. What is his reaction, and why would he react that way? How is the Cross presented here? John is awe struck by the majesty of Jesus and falls at His feet as if he were dead. When John was confronted by the presence […]

Love Conquers All

In the midst of his discourse to the Corinthians and all their problems, Paul gives them the famous chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. What is the essential message here? More important, how can we apply this to our lives and worship today? Fundamentally Christianity is a message of love.  No matter how much knowledge or culture we may […]

Worshiping What You Know Not

Read John 4:1–24. What important point about worship was Jesus making to the Samaritan woman in verse 21? Why was He pointing her away from specific places of worship? When Jesus had an encounter with this woman she waned Him to settle the question of where the appropriate place to worship was. Jesus points out […]

Worship and Serve

Read the above verses carefully (Luke 4:5-8), especially Jesus’ response. What does Jesus mean by linking together the verbs “worship” and “serve?” How are they related When Jesus links together the verbs worship and serve He reveals how closely related the words are. From this linkage we understand that worship and service go hand and […]

Mary’s Song of Praise and Worship

Read Luke 1:46–55, often known as the Song of Mary. What is the background to this song? Why is she singing it? What elements of praise and worship are revealed here? What appears here that we have touched on all through the quarter? Mary is a virgin and she was visited by the angel of […]

Worshiping the Image

Read Daniel 3. Compare the worship of the image there with the worship of the image in Revelation 14. What can we learn from this story that can help us understand the issue regarding the mark of the beast? In Daniel 3. We find the remarkable story of how three Hebrew exiles withstood the temptation […]

“Son of Man, Have You Seen. . . ?”

Read Ezekiel 8. As you read, realize all this was taking place in the sacred temple that the Lord had instituted, the very place where the Lord had promised to place His name. How could the people, the spiritual leaders, have fallen into such apostasy? What lessons can we learn from this for ourselves? As […]

Counterfeit Worship

Read 1 Kings 12:25–27. What does this tell us about the power and influence worship can have on the human mind? Jeroboam is concerned that the Israelites will rebel against him and return to Rehoboam. Rehoboam  perceives if the people offer sacrifices at the temple that they will give their allegiance to the Lord and to king Rehoboam. […]

The Art (and Evil) of Compromise

Read 1 Kings 11:1–13. What happened here? How did this happen? What was it about Solomon that made his actions here so bad? How did this apostasy impact worship, faith, and the whole religious system of Israel? Also, and most important, what lessons can we draw for ourselves today from this episode and the whole […]

Between Saul and David

Read the following glimpses into David’s life before he became king: 1 Samuel 16:6–13, 17:45–47, 18:14, 24:10, 26:9, 30:6–8. What does this tell us about David? These scriptures give us a peak into the life and character of the David. From David’s humble beginnings God developed David into a mighty warrior and king. When Samuel […]

That I May Dwell Among Them

Read Exodus 25:1–9. What are the two main points that we learn from the verses, and why are they amazing? (As you think about the answer, think about who God is, His power, His might and majesty.) The first thing that I see in this passage is that that God asks the people to bring […]

Resting in Redemption

In Matthew 11:28-30 read Jesus’ invitation to rest. How does the Sabbath fit in with what Jesus is telling us here. Jesus is offering physical rest to all those we are laboring.  In addition to physical rest Jesus is is also offering emotional, and psychological, and even spiritual rest. Jesus want’s to offer a comprehensive […]

Remember your Sanctifier

Read Exodus 31:13. What do you understand this to mean? How is it relevant for us today? What does it mean to have God sanctify us? How can we experience this process in our own lives? There is so much symbolism contained in the Sabbath which pertains to God’s people. The sabbath is a day […]

Freedom from Slavery

Read Romans 6:16–23. What promises are offered us there and how does this relate to what the Lord did for Israel in Egypt? This passage talks about the the difference that takes place in the life of an individual when they are found in Christ. We were are at one point slaves to sin and […]

Remember Your Creator

Compare Isaiah 40:25, 26; 45:12, 18; Colossians 1:16-17; Hebrews 1:2 to Isaiah 44:15–20, 46:5–7. What contrast is being made here? All of these passages call attention to the fact the God is the creator of the heavens and the earth. Because God is the creator of the heavens and the earth there is none like […]

Creation and Redemption: The Foundation of Worship

According to the fourth commandment, what are these two events, and how are they related to each other? Exod. 20:11, Deut. 5:15 As we reflect on these two passages of scripture we understand what the two significant events are. The first of these events is creation. When we worship on the Sabbath we acknowledge that […]

Show Me Your Glory

“Show Me Your Glory” Read Exodus 33:12–23. Why did Moses ask what he did of the Lord? What did Moses want to learn? Why did he believe that he needed these things? Moses wanted to know God on an entirely different level than he had know before. Also Moses wanted the confirmation that He still […]

No Other Gods

No Other Gods Focus on Exodus 20:1–6. What important points about worship can we take from those verses? The entire basis of why the children of Israel were to keep the ten commandments was that God alone was able to deliver them from the bondage of Pharaoh. Because of this fact there were no other […]

The Death of the Firstborn: Passover and Worship

The Death of the Firstborn: Passover and Worship Read the story of the first Passover night, in Exodus 12:1-36. How is the gospel, which should be at the center of all our worship, revealed in these verses? In this story we see an illustration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In this story we see […]

Holy Ground

Read Exodus 3:1-15. What foundational elements of true worship can be seen in these verses? As we read this passage we see that the first thing that God tells Moses to do was take off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. When we come before God to worship we must understand that […]