Sabbath School Lessons

The Holy Spirit and Spirituality (2017,Q1)
Biblical Missionaries (2015,Q3)
The Book of Luke(20015,Q2)
Proverbs (2015,Q1)
Teachings of Jesus
Discipleship (2014,Q1)
The Sanctuary (2013, Q4)
Revival and Reformation (2013, Q3)
“Seek the Lord and Live” – Major Lessons from Minor Prophets(2013, Q2)
Origins (2013, Q1)
Growing in Christ (2012, 4Q)
1 and 2 Thessalonians (2012, 3Q)
Evangelism and Witnessing (2012, 2Q)
Glimpses of Our God (2012, 1Q)
The Gospel in Galatians (2011, 4Q)
Worship (2011, 3Q)
“Garments of Grace: Clothing Imagery in the Bible (2011, 2Q)
“Jesus Wept”: The Bible and Human Emotions (2011, 1Q)
Background Characters in the Old Testament (2010, 4Q)
Redemption in Romans (2010, 3Q)
Health and Healing (2010, 2Q)
The Fruit of the Spirit (2010, 1Q)
People on the Move: The Book of Numbers (2009, 4Q)
Loved and Loving: John’s Epistles (2009, 3Q)
Walking the Walk: The Christian Life (2009, 2Q)
The Prophetic Gift (2009, 1Q)
Atonement and the Cross of Christ (2008, 4Q)
Agents of Hope: God’s Great Missionaries (2008, 3Q)
The Wonder of Jesus (2008, 2Q)
Discipleship (2008, 1Q)
The Refiner’s Fire (2007, 4Q)
For Better or for Worse: Lessons From Old testament Couples (2007, 3Q)
Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet: The Bible for Today (2007, 2Q)
Ecclesiastes (2007, 1Q)
Beginnings and Belongings (2006, 4Q)
The Gospel, 1844, and Judgment (2006, 3Q)
The Holy Spirit (2006, 2Q)
Families in the Family of God (2006, 1Q)
Ephesians – The Gospel of Relationships (2005, 4Q)
The Spiritual Life – Experiencing Jesus Christ as Lord (2005, 3Q)
Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark (2005, 2Q)
His Wondrous Cross – The Story of Our Redemption (2005, 1Q)
Daniel (2004, 4Q)
Religion in Relationships (2004, 3Q)
Isaiah – “Comfort My People” (2004, 2Q)
The Gospel of John (2004, 1Q)
Jonah (2003, 4Q)
Sanctuary Themes – The Book of Hebrews (2003, 3Q)
The Forgiven (2003, 2Q)
The Promise – God’s Everlasting Covenant (2003, 1Q)
Living the Advent Hope (2002, 4Q)
Rebellion and Reformation: A History of the Divided Monarchy (2002, 3Q)
Great Apocalyptic Prophecies (2002, 2Q)
The Cosmic Conflict Between Christ & Satan (2002, 1Q)
Amos – Seek Me and Live (2001, 4Q)
Pillars of Our Faith (2001, 3Q)
Bible Biographies – Actors in the Drama Called Planet Earth (2001, 2Q)
Great Prayers & Pray-ers of the Bible (2001, 1Q)
Proverbs – Wisdom to Live By (2000, 4Q)
Witnessing: Turning the World Upside Down (2000, 3Q)
The Certainty of the Second Coming (2000, 2Q)
Our Assurance of Salvation (2000, 1Q)
The Church in Today’s World (1999, 4Q)
God’s Creation – Looking at the Biblical Account (1999, 3Q)
Nature of Man – Origin of Humankind, Fall and Restoration (1999, 2Q)
Studies on Revelation and Inspiration – God Shows and Tells (1999, 1Q)
Our Wonderful God – Understanding Him Better (1998, 4Q)
2 Corinthians – A Call to Christian Ministry (1998, 3Q)
Happy Are You! Citizens of the Kingdom (1998, 2Q)
1 Corinthians – The Gospel on the Street (1998, 1Q)
Healing and Restoration (1997, 4Q)
Parables of Jesus (1997, 3Q)
God Is Love (1997, 2Q)
Spiritual Gifts, Keys to Ministry (1997, 1Q)