A Royal Priesthood

To be Chosen

As a kid, I loved to play pick-up games of tag football and basketball. The moment of truth was when all the kids would stand in a line, and we had to pick our teams. No one wanted to be the last kid chosen. If you were picked first, you knew that you were valuable to your team.

Thankfully I was never picked last usually somewhere in the middle. As humanity stood on the line of the pick-up game of life God choose us first. God did not want you for some trivial task; God’s chose you to be his representative on this earth. God called you with a holy purpose.

As humanity stood on the line of the pick-up game of life God choose us first

Read 1 Peter 2:5, 9, 10 and Exodus 19:6. What does Peter mean when he calls Christians a “royal priesthood” and “a holy nation” (1 Pet. 2:9, NKJV)? What does this language say to us as Seventh-day Adventist Christians about our obligations?

We are apart of the family of God

God wants us to know that we a are eternally apart of the family of God. The original covenant promise was may with Abraham and his descendants. Through the sacrifice of Jesus, we become grafted into this promise. Thus we are the royal priesthood and the chosen generation. Our calling it not to those who already know God, but out calling is to the entire world.

We are a chosen people.

Our priesthood is not inward focused but outward focused. In the same way, the priests were chosen for a particular purpose we were selected to minister to the world. Our calling is not to brag because of what God has blessed us with, but we must extend those blessings to everyone.

A holy nation? A royal priesthood? Applied to ourselves, what should terms like this mean regarding the kind of lives we live, both as individuals and as a community? How can we better live up to this high calling?

When we look at the life of the priest, he had to stand blameless before God. If there was anything that was left unconfessed for the priest as he ministered he risked his life. As God’s royal priesthood, we have a similar responsibility. We are called to be holy, pure and blameless. We do this not out of duty but out of love and devotion. God who is the one who called us can keep us.

Prayer: Lord Thank you for calling us to be Your Royal Priesthood. Help us to live up and into the high calling. Thank you in Jesus name amen.

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