Church and State

What happened?

When the current united states president was elected, it was a day of happiness and a day of sadness for many. The last American election polarized our country link no other. Adding this on top of the already tense racially charged American seemed like the straw that broke the camels back for some Americans. What do you do? As Christians God has called us to exist in this world, but not be of the world. There is no other way for us to exist. We will explore this topic in today’s lesson.

As Christians God has called us to exist in this world, but not be of the world.

Read 1 Peter 2:13-17. What is the Word telling us here about how to relate to the government?

I must admit that in the current US political context it ‘s hard to read the words of Peter and apply them to my life. To Peter’s credit, the world is a far better place today than the context he is writing. Why should I be complaining then? Nonetheless, Peter encourages us to submit to the governing powers. While we may have our leadership, Peter’s message is that they are in leadership by God and their purpose is to punish evildoers, and this is God’s will.

“Christians need to seek to be good citizens, obeying the law of the land as much as the possibly can, even if the government they live under is anything but perfect.”

Why is it important for Christians to be as good citizens as possible, even in less-than-ideal political situations? What can you do to make your society better, even in a small way?

As Christians, we are representative of God. Our Christianity is not seen when we agree with those who are in power or when things are going well; our Christianity is tested when we live in a complicated society. As Christians, we should make the world better around us. There is always something that we can do no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Prayer: Lord we thank You for Your grace and mercy that You have bestowed upon us. Teach us to be model citizens, in the right times and in the bad times. Thank you for Your sustaining grace. In Jesus name amen.

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