Faith and Miraculous Healing

Read the following texts in which Jesus miraculously healed people. What do the texts say about the faith of those who were healed? What lessons can we take from these examples? Matt. 12:9–13, Luke 13:11–13, 14:2–4, 22:47–52.

In Matt. 12:9-13 , the man simply obeyed the words of Jesus and stretched out his hand. I imagine that the man could have doubted and asked questions and not responded to the words of Jesus. In the same way we must obey the words of Jesus, we must respond to His commands in simple faith.

In Luke 13:11–13, we find a woman who again simply responded to the words of Jesus. We find the woman glorifying which is an important part of the healing process. God is blessed when we give Him glory.

The remainder of the texts simply show Jesus acting upon people and healing then.In actuality these text make no mention of faith. But we can see those healed cooperating with Jesus. We too must allow God to work in our lives and not resist that work.

How can we learn to trust in the Lord and in His love for us even when prayers for health and healing have not come as we would have liked?

Our relationship with God must go beyond what He can do for us and what we can get from Him. We must develop a desire to serve and worship Him no matter what. It is difficult to deal with situations like this but the only answer is to trust that God knows best. God has a perspective of things which we do not , and we have to trust that He knows what He is doing.

Prayer: Father thank you for your miraculous healing people. Thank you for the times when You have healed us and even the times when you have not. Help us to love you and to trust you no matter what. Thank you in Jesus name Amen.

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