Psalm 104

Psalms 104Read Psalm 104 prayerfully. What does it tell us about the role of God in creation and in the natural world?

The bible lets us know that God played and active role in the creation of the natural world. When we read this we see the majesty and awesomeness of God in creation. What type of person can wrap themselves in light? God was very intentional about everything that He did. When we read this psalm there is no way we can believe that the earth was an accident. The God of this universe intelligently designed this earth with precision and creativity.

Nature is one of God’s great gifts. We should do all that we can to take advantage of it. What are ways you can benefit better from what God has given us in nature?

We must sometimes take retreats to experience nature in order to rejuvenate our minds an our motivation.

Prayer: Father thank you for the all that you have given us in nature. Please teach us to trust in you. Thank you in Jesus name amen.

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