Masters and Slaves

What would you do?

I am sure we have all been in a situation where we had to ask should I or should I not get involved. When you are driving down the side of the road and someone is stranded you might say I should help but I am busy. You might even say I sure hope that they are ok. ¬†You might be going on an errand and you here a couple squabbling and you ask yourself again should I get involved? Each day we face with situations where we have to make a decision should I or should I not get involved? How do you find this balance? Today’s lesson is all about approaching difficult situations that may exist in society and be finding out how to respond to them with love compassion and as a Christian and model citizen should.

Each day we face with situations where we have to make a decision should I or should I not get involved?

Read 1 Peter 2:18-23. How do we today understand the difficult content of these verses? What principle can we take from them for ourselves?

This most certainly is a difficult text. In the context of American history, this passage could be used to justify the enslavement of African Americans and the unjust treatment of them thereof. Are ancient master-servant relationships corollary to the slavery practiced in America? That is a question that should be examined in another context. What we can gather from this passage is the essence of what Peter wanted to convey to his readers. You may find yourself in a relationship where someone who is over you is challenging and uncooperative. According to Peter when we suffer that doing good, then it is commendable. This is commendable because we have the example of Jesus Christ who suffered wrongfully in the same way. When we suffer for doing good, we are following in the footsteps of our Master Jesus Christ.

What practical applications can we make from what Peter wrote here? Does it mean, then, that we never stand up for our rights? Bring your answer to class on Sabbath.

The lesson brings out that Christ did not endorse slavery but it is and example of what do when you find yourself in a social construct that is difficult to change. I would not say that we should peacefully accept a practice which is inhumane and ungodly as with American slavery. How are we to go about change? How are we to remain good citizens and at the same time remain good Christians. I believe it all starts out with where your heart is, and what is your starting point? When we look at the example of Christ he was gracious where he needed to be gracious and he was stern where he needed to be stern. I pray that when we move forward, God will grant us this same type of balance.

Prayer: Lord help us to be Your examples on this earth, and help us to stand up for the right. Teach us Your balance and Your peace. In Jesus name amen.

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