The Representative of Christ

The Representative of ChristHave you ever needed someone to comfort you? You might have had a rough day at work and need an affirmation of your worth. You might have studied hard on a test and did not get the grade you expected. Even worse you may have experienced the loss of a relationship or a loved one. Whatever the situation we all at one time or another have needed a comforter.

We all at one point in time need a comforter, The Lord has not left us without help when He left the earth. In John 14 16-18 Jesus promises His disciples that He would leave them help when He leaves. When the disciples walked the earth they were fortunate to have the continual presence of Jesus. When Jesus left He promised them a comforter John 14:26. The Holy Spirit is the representative of Christ on this earth.

It may be difficult to understand the work of the spirit but He helps us all in many different capacities. In my work as a chaplain I feel that the Holy Spirit is my constant companion. When I am speaking with patients I am inspired with words. When I have challenges the Lord helps me through His Spirit.The Comforter reminds me of previous truth and inspires me with present truth for moment.

Prayer: Lord we thank you for the comforter. Thank you for your care and concern for us. Help us to trust in you during the challenging times. Let us remember you are the comforter. In Jesus name we pray amen.

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  • cornel

    While He was on earth, Jesus helped His disciples to make sense out of the nonsense of their socialization by putting it all into the context of the existence and governance of the Godhead. The Comforter does the same thing for us by putting everything into the context of the man-God so we might have hope and peace in the midst of all the danger and confusion that surrounds us. Knowing that all of the power that was availavle to Jesus is ours for the asking, is the key to the peace that passeth understanding. Knowing Who Jesus is allows us to come apart and rest for awhile. Only the Holy Spirit can thusly inform our knowing.