The Power of His Word

201_01_0053_NatureCreationBkgRead Jeremiah 51:15, 16 and Psalm 33:6, 9. In addition to wisdom,what other attribute of God is mentioned in the Creation? How was this attribute expressed in Creation? More important, what are the implications of this truth for us?

I remember when I was a kid and there was this phrase that would be passed around. Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. While this may be a cute phrase the truth is that words have the ability to destroy, and words have the ability to create. When parents speak positive encouraging words to their children they are creating an identity for that child, when negative and harsh words are spoken they are creating another identity for that child. Words our powerful, so powerful that they literally created a world.

When God spoke this world into existence He demonstrated His power, understanding, His ability to cause, His ability to make. When God spoke things happened and they held fast. These passages talk about God creating from His wisdom and understanding. God created with artistry and purpose, this mastery can be seen in all of His creation. As stated above, being created in the image of God we too have the ability create with our words. In addition to this if God’s words are so powerful how should we hold in esteem His Word (Jesus). How are we to hold in esteem the Holy Scriptures and creation which reveal to us who God is?

Dwell (the best that you can) on the size of the universe. Think about the incredible power needed in order to create it. And to think that the God who wields such power loves us, even died for us. How can you learn to draw comfort from this amazing truth?

It is amazing to think that such a powerful God cares so much for me. When I think of all the important people in the world none compares to the God of the universe. The other day my tire blew and thankfully I had a friend close by to help me change the tire. But what if the president of the united states personally flew in to my town to help me change my tire. I could not imagine that happening and that would be something. The reality is that humanity had a flat tire. We could not fix it, so Jesus came down to this earth to help us all. Wow what an amazing thought.

Prayer: Lord God almighty, Thank you for loving me the way that you do. In Jesus name amen.

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