Through the Eye of Faith


Psalm 8 is one of the best loved of the psalms. To David, as a believer in God, the Creation spoke of the Lord’s majesty and love. What specific lessons did David see in the creation, as recorded in Psalm 8? Also, considering what we know about the creation today—the moon and the stars and so forth—in contrast to what was known back then, why should David’s words seem even all the more remarkable?

David stares into the creation of God and gives Him glory for all that He has done.  David did not have the same scientific knowledge that we do now but he understood that God was the architect of the heavens. It was through faith that David understood what he did about the creation of the universe. The amazing thing is that Jesus quotes this same verse in Mat 21:16,  The same God who inspired David quotes David after cleansing the temple. God is in the business of doing wonderful things. David through the eye of faith understood a little more about God through His creation.

Read Psalm 19:1–4. What did David see in the heavens? 

When David looked out into the heavens it made Him  recognize the greatness of his Creator. David praised God for all that He made and the the way that He provides for His creation.

Read John 14:9 and then think about Jesus on the cross. Why must the Cross always be the main revelation to us of the nature and character of God?

When we see Jesus we have see the Father. Jesus on the Cross reveals what the character of God is all about. On the cross we see how much God loves us and just how much He cares. For God so loved the word that he gave… God loved us so much that He gave heavens most precious gift. When we understand the benevolence of God through the gift of Jesus we can’t help but praise Him for His amazing love. Do we deserve such a precious gift ? No. That is why it is a called a gift, that is why it is called grace;How amazing it is!

Prayer: Lord God almighty, we thank you for the precious gift of your son. We see the magnitude of your love in the cross, and also in your creation. Help us know what you more. Thank you in Jesus name amen.

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  • Cornel

    Our love affair with contemporary science is blasphemous. In the context of epistemology, science debates the parameters of human knowledge as if all knowledge is not of God, and, in terms of natural science, the love of their own intellect prevents most scientists from seeing the Creator, as they try to interpret His creation. David had the advantage for sure; faith is the only true sight. Contemporary Christianity has allowed itself to be drawn into a tree of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil debate with contemporary science, and in so doing it has surrendered the advantage of faith. Debate equates truth and error as legitimate premises, but demonstration is the key, and scientific, expression of all truth and moral integrity.

  • Musingaway

    Thanks for such a thoughtful and insightful comment.  May our Almighty God continue to fill you with the knowledge of His will through all spiritual wisdom and understanding.  I know of many highly educated, intelligent scientists who trust, believe and love our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.