Jesus and the Bible

Have you ever been lost before? How it is that someone gets lost? When you leave heading for a destination do you intended to get lost? The place where you are going may be unfamiliar, or you may get distracted and get disoriented. I know when I am lost, there is a feeling that starts […]

God’s Will and His Word

What do the following passages in Psalm 119 reveal about revival and God’s Word? List all the spiritual qualities that God’s Word develops in our lives. Ps. 119:25, 28, 49-50, 67, 81, 105, 116, 130, 154. What do these promises mean in practical terms in our experience with the Lord?   In God’s word we […]

The Past and the Future

What do biblical writers assert regarding human history’s beginning and end? Gen. 1:1; Job 38:1–7; Ps. 104:1–9; Rev. 1:1–3, 19; 21:1–6. God reveals Himself to be the at the beginning and the end of human history. God was there at the creation in Genesis and He is there at the recreation in Revelation. God is […]

Paul, the Letter Writer

Read 2 Peter 3:15, 16. What do these verses tell us about how the early church viewed Paul’s writing? What does this teach us about how inspiration works? From this passage we understand that the early church accepted Paul’s letters as wisdom from God. They also understood that some of the things which Paul wrote […]

Further Study

FRIDAY January 28 Further Study: “When sin struggles for the mastery in the human heart, when guilt seems to oppress the soul and burden the conscience, when unbelief clouds the mind, who lets in the beams of light? Whose grace is sufficient to subdue sin, and who gives the precious forgiveness and pardons all our […]