Lost and Found

I remember the time that I got lost. It was during Christmas time and  my mother and I were in the mall looking for Christmas presents. We were in a store and I somehow wondered off. As a child I was not to overly worried, I looked up and down the mall for my mother […]

The Woman at the Well

One of the most remarkable interactions that Jesus had was the one with the woman at well ( John 4: 5-32). This story is remarkable for a number reasons. The first is that the Jewish had an age old hatred for the Samaritans, so even the woman was shocked when Jesus approached this her( John […]

Never Ending Witnessing and Evangelism

Review Jesus’ conversation with the Samaritan woman in John 4:7–30. What was it about Jesus and what He said that she was excited to share with her townspeople? What principles of witnessing can we take from this account that can help us as we seek to reach others? This woman had experienced something wonderful with […]

Letting the Left and Right Hand Know

Read Ecclesiastes 4:9–12. What do Solomon’s words tell us about working together? How might these words be helpful to you in other settings? In the business world a best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. If […]

My Personal Mission Field

Read John 1:37–42. Why do you think Andrew told his brother about finding the Messiah before he told anyone else? Andrew found the Messiah, this was tantamount to wining the lottery in our day. Andrew went to the person who was closest to him and immediately shared with him the good news. In the same […]

Preparing a Harvest

Read the parable of the sower and Jesus’ explanation in Luke 8:4–15. What challenges does this parable bring to us in regard to nurturing to maturity the seed that falls on good ground? See also John 16:7-8, 13. When we think of humans as soil, not all soil is similar.  Some people will hear the gospel […]

Further Study: Lesson Summary Week 4

FRIDAY April 27 Further Study:     Discover where your ministry fits into your church’s overall plans.   While most local church departments may have a well-organized program and be quite busy, the chances are that those involved in each department may not know much about what is happening in other areas of church life. […]

The Need for Laborers

Read John 4:35–41. While we often get excited at the reaping stage of a person’s Christian growth, what do these verses tell us about rejoicing with others who have contributed along the way? This passage brings up an important truth about evangelism , the one who sows has equal reason to rejoice as the one […]

Further Study – Lesson Summary Week 1

Further Study: Think about your personal testimony and make sure that you are able to give it when the opportunity arises. Take some time to sit quietly and consider what areas of church life you enjoy being involved in or that you would consider being involved in if you were asked. Write them down. You […]

Evangelism Is . . . ?

Read Acts 4:33, 5:42, 2:36–39, 7:56, 13:48. What are some specific themes about which the disciples preached that should be included in today’s evangelistic presentations? Acts 4:33 The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Acts 5:42 Jesus is the Christ. Acts 2:36-39 Repentance & Baptism Acts 7:56 The Second Coming. Acts 13:48 Eternal Life Of all […]