John the Baptist and “Present Truth”

Special Days If you have a significant other, you will understand what I am about to say. Remember the special days in your relationships. Many arguments have come and gone because one person forgot the special day. You might not remember the particular day, or you might not make it unique enough. Not making a […]

Jesus’ Early Family Tree

The black sheep of the family The term black sheep is an idiom used to describe someone who does not fit into a typical family setting. We all have them in our families, and I am sure you are thinking of that person in your mind now. For whatever reason the black sheep has done […]

Grace and Judgement in Eden: Part 2

Creation, gospel, and judgment appear not only in the early pages of the Bible but in the latter, as well. Read Revelation 14:6, 7. In what ways are these verses linked to the first three chapters of Genesis? That is, what parallel ideas are found in all these verses? One of my favorite characteristics of […]

Summary-Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth

FRIDAYJanuary 4 Further Study: “The work of creation can never be explained by science. What science can explain the mystery of life? “The theory that God did not create matter when He brought the world into existence is without foundation. In the formation of our world, God was not indebted to pre-existing matter. On the […]

Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth

Read John 1:1–3, 14; Colossians 1:15, 16; Hebrews 1:1, 2. How do the New Testament writers identify the Creator? What are the implications of the answer? When we read through these passages it helps us to understand who Jesus is and what His role was in creation. In John 1:1-3, 14 Jesus is called the […]

My God and Me

Read Acts 4:13-14. What do these verses reveal about the relationship that Peter and John had with Jesus and what this connection enabled them to accomplish? Think through what was meant when it says that “they realized that they had been with Jesus.” What does that mean? What should a person who has just “been […]

Sequential Evangelism and Felt Needs

Read Luke 9:11. What does this verse indicate regarding Jesus’ desire to heal both physically and spiritually? In our spheres, how can we seek to do the same thing for those whom we are trying to reach? Jesus was able to provide a comprehensive ministry for those whom He ministered to. Jesus not only met […]

God as Architect

After God dramatically delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt, He brought them to Mount Sinai. There, He joined them to Himself in a sacred covenant. Among all the varied instructions He gave them there, how was beauty included? Exod. 25:1–9. The things which God request the people to bring are things which possess beauty. These […]

Circumcision and the False Brothers

Why was circumcision such a focal point in the dispute between Paul and certain Jewish Christians? See Gen. 17:1–22; Gal. 2:3–5; 5:2, 6; Acts 15:1, 5. Why is it not that hard to understand how some could have believed that even the Gentiles needed to undergo it? When we look at the covenant made with […]