Judgment Day

“Answer me! What do you have to say for yourself?” The leaders yelled and demanded as they communicated with Jesus who was bound by chains and shackles. Jesus kept silent and did not respond to any of the accusations to the amazement of Pilot (Matthew 27:11-14). It was quite typical for someone who is brought […]

The Vision and the Judgement

Read Daniel 7:1–14. What is happening here? In chapter Daniel 7 1:-14 Daniel is given a vision of four kingdoms represented by four beasts. Daniel saw A Lion with wings( Daniel 7:4), a bear with ribs in his mouth(Daniel 7:5), a leopard with wings(Daniel 7:6), a dreadful beast(Daniel 7:7). These four beasts represented the kingdoms […]


Read Psalm 11:4–7 and Habakkuk 2:20. What else does God do in His heavenly temple, and why is this important for us to know? Each day I deal with people who are wrestling with why there is evil in the world, and what God’s role to that evil is. In the midst of the sadness […]

Heaven’s Appeal for an End-Time Reformation

Read God’s end-time message of revival and reformation (Rev. 14:6-7, 12). Read carefully what is said there. What do these verses teach us about the character of God? One of the questions that I hear a lot in many different shapes and ways is why did God allow this to happen to me? Another way […]

Grace and Judgement in Eden: Part 2

Creation, gospel, and judgment appear not only in the early pages of the Bible but in the latter, as well. Read Revelation 14:6, 7. In what ways are these verses linked to the first three chapters of Genesis? That is, what parallel ideas are found in all these verses? One of my favorite characteristics of […]

Morality and Accountability

In an earlier lesson, we looked at Paul’s sermon to the men in Athens (Acts 17:16–31). Follow the line of reasoning he used, noting not just where he started but where he ended. What’s so important about the conclusion he came to, particularly regarding the question of origins and morality? Paul starts his sermon by […]

The Scope of the Problem

What do the following texts reveal about the scope of the sin problem? How have you experienced it yourself or seen around you the reality of these texts? John 2:25, Ps. 59:2, Jer. 17:9, Rom. 5:12, James 5:1-7, Isa. 5:23, 2 Thess. 2:10 When Jesus came to this earth He understood the condition of humanity. […]

Judgement Day

Read the following verses. What are they about? Who is judged? What happens in these judgments? What do these texts reveal about the nature and reality of divine judgment? Eccles. 12:13, 14 ; 1 Cor. 3:13 ; 2 Cor. 5:10 ;Heb. 10:30 ;Matt. 16:27 ;Rev. 20:12 ;Rev. 22:12 Matt. 12:36, 37 ;1 Pet. 4:17 ; […]