One Jot or Tittle

I remember when I first learned to play the guitar. I was very excited about duplicating the sounds I heard for experienced guitarists. I was  disappointed when I realized that it took practice and it took patience to reach their proficiency. As I practiced over and over the things that I had to think about […]

The Law and The Gospel

As we’ve learned thus far, the law helps us to understand our need for a Saviour. The bible is very clear in letting the readers know that we are not saved by works, but by grace. I guess God foresaw people trying to find a loophole for serving Him and going to heaven. He exposed […]

God’s Laws and Regulations

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The Law and the Promise

What mistaken concepts did Paul’s opponents have about the role of the law? Compare Gal. 3:21, Lev. 18:5, and Deut. 6:24. In the reading of these passages in the old-testament scriptures they confused the purpose of the law. The  law was made an end in itself and not a means to an end. In Galatians […]

No Provision for the Flesh

  No Provision for the Flesh Read Romans 13. Focus on the daily, practical points that Paul is dealing with here for those who are Christians. In the scriptures Jesus presents to us the two principles on which all the Law and the prophets hang, love for God and Love for man (Mat 22:33-40). Romans […]

Without the Law

Read Romans 3:21–31. What is Paul saying here, and how are the ideas presented in these verses reflected in what the preacher above said? There is nothing that we do to earn salvation it is a free gift from Jesus Christ. We obtain the righteousness of Jesus Christ by faith. God does not make a […]