Wives Husbands married to an unbeliever?

Wives husbands Married to an unbeliever? As a Christian, you may be in a marriage with a person who is not a Christian. Another situation is you might have both been unbelievers when you got married, and one of you decides to give your life to Christ. You might get married to an unbeliever with […]

God’s Covenant People

Contract or Covenant These two words seem very similar , and can be used in similar context. When I started my business with a business partner, we signed a contract between each other. We have an agreement that we both will execute our side of the obligations. Marriage Commitment When I married my wife we […]

A new creation

Long distance relationships. Read Revelation 7:15–17. Where are the redeemed, and how does this passage portray them? Long distance relationship take work. It is necessary to develop communication, and perseverance when in a long distance relationship. When my wife and I started to court, I was on the west coast, and she was on the […]

Ideal Marriage

Read Mark 10:7–9. What texts did Jesus quote in this passage? What characteristics of a good marriage can be found here in the words of Jesus? In this passage Jesus quotes the very same words we find in Genesis 2:24. He brings everything back to the basics, our beginnings, when man and woman were first […]