A Royal Priesthood

To be Chosen As a kid, I loved to play pick-up games of tag football and basketball. The moment of truth was when all the kids would stand in a line, and we had to pick our teams. No one wanted to be the last kid chosen. If you were picked first, you knew that […]

Every Member Ministry

Examine Ephesians 4:12 and 2 Corinthians 5:15–20. What do these verses say about each believer’s ministry? This passage lets us know that every member has a work to do. Each member should be equipped for the work of service. This work of service builds up the church. We are compelled to ministry because of what […]

The Priesthood

  What were some of the things required of the priests, and what do you think these things were to represent? Lev. 21:7–24, 22:1–8. The priesthood was a sacred office and through the various requirements God intended to preserve the sacredness of the office. The scriptures state that priests are to marry only specific women […]