A Promise of Restoration

Read Hosea 2. What is God’s basic message to His people here? How is the gospel revealed in this chapter? God is definitely disgusted by the harlotry that Israel is committing. The metaphor of marriage is probably the best way to describe our relationship with Christ. First, marriage is a choice (well at least in […]

The Restoration of Relationship with God

Read Genesis 3:24, Exodus 33:20, and Deuteronomy 5:24–26. What did sin do to the close relationship that existed between humanity and God? Man went from having an intimate one-on-one, face-to-face relationship with God before sin, to being kicked out of their very home, post-sin! Is such a dramatic difference. No longer are we able to […]

The Law and the Promise

What mistaken concepts did Paul’s opponents have about the role of the law? Compare Gal. 3:21, Lev. 18:5, and Deut. 6:24. In the reading of these passages in the old-testament scriptures they confused the purpose of the law. The  law was made an end in itself and not a means to an end. In Galatians […]

Heirs According to the Promise

Heirs According to the Promise – Sunday’s Lesson Read Galatians 3:26–29. What is the main point that Paul is making? (As you read, note that the Greek word translated “put on” comes from the word meaning “to be clothed.”) Paul is making the point that when we are baptized we have put on Jesus Christ. When we […]

God’s Plan for Painful Emotions

Thursday’s Lesson – God’s Plan for Painful Emotions Read John 16:20–24. What is Jesus’ promise in regard to pain and grief? As Christians we must understand that we will face pain and grief. In this world it may even seem that those who are not Christians experience less pain. God has promised the even tho […]