I was lost. I remember when I purchased my first car. I actually bought it on eBay, and I took a bus all the way to Vermont from Michigan in order to pick up the car. This was before I had a GPS. The first night I got the car, I got lost. I remember […]

The Conviction to Return

Read Luke 15:11–21. What specific attitudes and actions led the prodigal to decide to return home? What principles of revival and reformation do we discover in this passage? When he became impoverished, the prodigal son decided to get a job. In this state of “rock bottom” he recognized that “no one was giving anything to […]

A Call to Repentance

What is the difference between our knowing about God versus our knowing God? How is this difference reflected in our everyday living? If someone were to ask you, How can I come to know God, what would you answer? What do the following passages teach about the importance of “knowing the Lord”? Knowing God and […]

Saul’s Conversion

Look at the three descriptions of Saul’s conversion (Acts 9:1–18, 22:6–21, and 26:12–19). What role did the grace of God have in this experience? In other words, how much did Saul deserve the goodness that the Lord showed toward him? In this story we can see how God’s grace really works upon the lives of […]

Between Saul and David

Read the following glimpses into David’s life before he became king: 1 Samuel 16:6–13, 17:45–47, 18:14, 24:10, 26:9, 30:6–8. What does this tell us about David? These scriptures give us a peak into the life and character of the David. From David’s humble beginnings God developed David into a mighty warrior and king. When Samuel […]

You Can Go Home Again

You Can Go Home Again – Tuesday’s Lesson In the story of the prodigal, who is the one who makes the long journey in order to be reunited with his father? Contrast that to, for instance, the parable of the lost sheep and lost coin (Luke 15:4–10). What might be the important difference here? In […]

Spreading His Wings

  Spreading His Wings – Monday’s Lesson Read Luke 15:13–19. What kind of repentance do we see here? Does it seem like a true repentance, that he’s sorry for what he did, or that he is sorry only for the consequences of what he did? What hints are there in the texts that could give […]