The Sabbath And The Environment

Read Exodus 20:8–11. What do we find in this commandment that relates to stewardship? Before discussing this text lets think about the word “stewardship.” Whenever I hear this word, the first things that come to mind are finances and tithing. While stewardship is usually associated with money, I realize there is much more depth to […]

The Sabbath in Deuteronomy

Read Deuteronomy 5:12–15. Compare it with Exodus 20:8–11. What similarities existed between the two, what differences, and why are those differences important? In the the command that is given in Deuteronomy there is an emphasis on the fact that the children of Israel were once slaves. Even in the commandment in exodus God says that […]

The Sabbath in Exodus

Read Exodus 20:8–11. What does the Lord tell us to do, and what reason are we told to do it? In this passage God Commands the whole household to rest from their labor even animals.The reason that God asks this is beceause He also worked six days and rested on the Seventh-day. Each Sabbath that […]

The Sabbath in Genesis

What four actions of God are recorded in Genesis 2:1–3 as He created the Sabbath? The Bible records that on the Seventh-day God completed creating the heavens and the earth. God also rested on the Sabbath and He blessed the Sabbath, and sanctified it. God created a day specifically so that we could rest with […]

Observance of Days

Wednesday’s Lesson – Observance of Days Read Romans 14:4–10. How are we to understand what Paul is saying here? Does this say anything about the fourth commandment? If not, why not? When we read this passage on the surface is appears that it is talking about the fourth commandment. If it is talking about the […]