Proclaiming the Praises

Giving Back. I am sure every one of us can remember someone who helped us out at a crucial time in my life. For me, it was key men in my life that gave me an opportunity that I would not have had before unless they took extended to me their help. The Gift The […]


I was lost. I remember when I purchased my first car. I actually bought it on eBay, and I took a bus all the way to Vermont from Michigan in order to pick up the car. This was before I had a GPS. The first night I got the car, I got lost. I remember […]

Salvation Gods Initiative

  There is something marvelous about salvation. That something is the fact that must understand that Salvation is God’s Initiative . What does this mean? This means that Jesus was sent by God( John 7:28, 8:29, 12:49 ). While we recognize that they are one in the same ,the fact is that God made the first […]

Salvation Is a Gift From God

  It is a little ironic that John 3:16 the most famous, and widely quoted bible verse. John 3:16 will show up on t-shirts, at football games. The irony of is, the central truth of the gospel has been popularized yet its not understood. When we examine this verse there are two verbs that stand out, […]

We Would See Jesus

There are some things in this world which are universal. I remember when my wife and I went out to here some live music in a park as the music played people all around livened up. The thing that stuck out to me were the little kids jumping a playing to the music. There was […]

Place of Salvation

Read Hebrews 8:1, 2. What is Christ doing at the throne of God? Follow the bouncing ball. In programs where they want you to sing along there is sometimes a little bouncing ball to help you follow the words and stay in sync with the music. This helps you not to get lost and follow […]

The Law and The Gospel

As we’ve learned thus far, the law helps us to understand our need for a Saviour. The bible is very clear in letting the readers know that we are not saved by works, but by grace. I guess God foresaw people trying to find a loophole for serving Him and going to heaven. He exposed […]

Faithful by God’s Choice

Read 2 Thessalonians 2:13-17. Why does Paul thank God for the Thessalonians? What does he ask them to do in this passage? In what ways are these words so pertinent to us today, so near the end? Paul is thankful because God choose the Thessalonian believers for salvation. Paul is asking the Thessalonian believers to […]

Change of Clothes

Change of Clothes – Monday’s Lesson Read prayerfully and carefully all of Zechariah 3; look at the steps in the process. This is how God’s people, though sinners, are saved. What can you learn about the plan of salvation through the vision here? When we read this story the first thing we notice is that […]

Garments That Do Not Last

  Read Isaiah 51:6–8. What message is the Lord giving to the people? What contrasts are presented? What hope, as well? In this passage we see that God is comparing the earth to a garment that deteriorates. On the other hand God says that salvation is something that never deteriorates, and lasts forever. The Lord’s […]

Unclean lips

Read Isaiah 6:1–8. What kind of reaction does Isaiah have? Why is that so significant, especially for our understanding of the plan of salvation? When Isaiah sees the glory of the Lord he recognizes his own sinfulness. Isaiah sees the holiness of the God and it magnifies the wretchedness of his own nature. Not only […]

Whiter Than Snow

In Psalm51:2, David asks God to wash him thoroughly. What does this washing involve? How do the images of “purge me with hyssop” and “whiter than snow” (vs. 7) help us understand the nature of this cleansing? When David asks for cleansing he asks for cleansing from his iniquity as well as cleansing form his […]