Transforming the Common

There was a homeless man sitting by the church corner. For one month, the people ignored him. Every week, church members would give him judgmental glances and stares. No one would approach him. Some of the wealthier members lifted their noses implying their disregard for the homeless person. He begged for some money or food […]

The Grace to Grow

Read Luke 9:51-56 and Mathew 20:20-28. How do these passages reveal James’ and John’s thinking? What is in it for me?  Have you ever asked this question? Now don’t get me wrong, It is necessary to have a healthy balance. What I am talking about it something different. What I am talking about is the […]

Saul’s Conversion

Look at the three descriptions of Saul’s conversion (Acts 9:1–18, 22:6–21, and 26:12–19). What role did the grace of God have in this experience? In other words, how much did Saul deserve the goodness that the Lord showed toward him? In this story we can see how God’s grace really works upon the lives of […]

Our Heavenly Dwelling

Our Heavenly Dwelling Our Heavenly Dwelling -Thursday’s Lesson Read 2 Corinthians 5:1–4. What is Paul telling us here? What hope is again presented? How does clothing imagery fit in? The body is presented as a tent in this imagery. When we think of tents we understand that they are only  temporary dwellings. In the same […]

Whiter Than Snow

In Psalm51:2, David asks God to wash him thoroughly. What does this washing involve? How do the images of “purge me with hyssop” and “whiter than snow” (vs. 7) help us understand the nature of this cleansing? When David asks for cleansing he asks for cleansing from his iniquity as well as cleansing form his […]

The Priesthood

  What were some of the things required of the priests, and what do you think these things were to represent? Lev. 21:7–24, 22:1–8. The priesthood was a sacred office and through the various requirements God intended to preserve the sacredness of the office. The scriptures state that priests are to marry only specific women […]