God’s Covenant People

Contract or Covenant These two words seem very similar , and can be used in similar context. When I started my business with a business partner, we signed a contract between each other. We have an agreement that we both will execute our side of the obligations. Marriage Commitment When I married my wife we […]

While we were Yet Sinners,

The journey of grace. I remember when my conscience was deeply convicted that I had to give me life over to the Lord, I was only about eighteen years old. When I did that my life did not magically change, I still had the desires that had the day before. What did change me, was […]

God’s Residence

Read 1 Kings 8:49 and Psalm 102:19. What do they teach us about the place where God dwells? How are we to understand what this means? Can we understand it? If you could live in any place in the world, where would you live? If you could have any type of house you wanted what […]

Confidence and Doubt

What was wrong with Peter’s attitude before the Cross? Matt. 26:31-35. Have you ever met someone who had so much pride that you could see their head swelling as they talked about themselves. I am exaggerating a little but if this were true Peter would have a big head. When Jesus tried to explain to […]

The Prophet’s Appeal for Reformation

Read 2 Chronicles 20:1-20 and summarize King Jehoshaphat’s instructions to Judah. Jehoshaphat and his people were faced with a very troubling situation. Jehoshaphat got bad news that there was a multitude coming to make war with him. King Jehoshaphat could have relied on his on wisdom but he brought his people together to pray and […]

Our Dependence on the Creator

Read Genesis 2:16-17. What command did God give to Adam? What is implied in this command? I am not sure if every kid goes through this phase but I remember when I did; I am someways still going through it. It is the phase of asking the question, why? I can remember asking my parents […]

The Taking of Elijah

  Read 2 Kings 2:1–18 and answer the following questions: 1. What reasons might Elisha have had for refusing to  separate from Elijah, despite the master’s three requests  that he do just that? Elisha knew that Elijah was going to be taken away by the Lord very  soon.  Over the time that Elisha had been […]

Hope and Trust in God

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord” (Ps. 31:24, NIV). What reasons do we have for putting our hope in the Lord? I have learned that we must experiment with God. When I read the scriptures I see God has made many promises to me and and I experiment with […]

One Day at a Time

Thursday’s Lesson – One Day at a Time Read Matthew 6:34. What is Jesus telling us here? How can we learn to do what He says? Why is it so important? The first thing Jesus wants us to know is that we should not worry about tomorrow. When we worry about tomorrow this causes us […]

Of Birds and Lilies

Wednesday’s Lesson – Of Birds and Lilies Aside from Jesus’ kind advice to avoid worry, what lessons can we obtain from this segment of the Sermon on the Mount? Matt. 6:25–33 Through this powerful text Jesus teaches a number of principles that, if seriously followed, can protect the believer from much distress. Keep things in […]

Trust Against Anxiety

Tuesday’s Lesson – Trust Against Anxiety Reflect on the comforting words of Jesus to His disciples in John 14:1, 2. What happened immediately before? Where does He direct their thoughts? Before this passage Jesus explains to His disciples how he would be betrayed. Jesus want’s to let His disciples know that they should not be […]

Do Not Be Afraid

Monday’s Lesson -Do Not be Afraid Read Genesis 15:1–3. What was Abram’s source of fear? What valid reasons did he have to fear? Abraham was afraid because there was no heir to his household. God promised Abraham that he was would be the father to many nations. Abraham feared how God’s promise would be fulfilled […]

Thwarted Ambitions

What did the king’s response mean to the future hopes of Baruch, at least on a professional level? See Jeremiah 36. Baruch was a scribe. Writing messages was what Baruch did for a living, the particular message that Baruch wrote got him in trouble with the most powerful man in the city. Baruch is just […]

Testing Faith

How was the faith of both the widow and Elijah tested here? 1 Kings 17:17–24 In this text we see that the womans faith was tested and Elijah’s faith was tested. The woman is initially disappointed because her son has died and she believes it is because something that she has done. Elijah does not […]

Remembering My Sins

What is the natural human response to contact with God? See Job 42:5, 6; Isa. 6:5; Dan. 10:8; Luke 5:8; Rev. 1:17. Why do you think that reaction is so common? In all of these passages we see that humanity is being confronted with divinity. When humanity comes in contact with divinity humanity recognizes is […]

An Unusual Instrument

Read carefully verse 12. The woman acknowledges that God exists, but what does that, at this point, mean to her? Dwell on her phrase, “that we may eat it, and die.” What does it imply? When we dwell upon this phrase it reveals to us the psyche of this woman. This woman is one who […]

Faithfulness is a Way of Life

Read 2 Samuel 21:1–9. How are we to understand this passage? Or can we understand it? In what ways is this an example of something in Scripture that we can’t fully explain but that we simply need to trust the Lord on? What other examples like this (of things that we don’t fully understand) can […]