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Read 1 Peter 3:15. What is this text teaching us about witnessing? How does it fit in with what we have been looking at so far?

It is important that we understand how to articulate what we believe. When we talk about witnessing we tell our stories about how we came to believe what we do. We tell the stories of how God has changed us. God grant us the humility and grace as we share what He has done for us.

Consider the following definition of evangelism. Do you consider it an adequate definition? What would you add or take away? Evangelism is the process of clearly and persuasively proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ so that individuals will accept Him as their personal Savior and follow Him as Lord in order to become disciples and disciple makers.

I love this definition! The part that stands out to me is “In order to become disciples and disciple makers”. The most important part for me is that we do evangelism , the details of the definition will work themselves out. I think this aspect of discipleship is the forgotten mode of Jesus’ ministry. I pray that we may be able to recapture the true meaning of christian discipleship.

Prayer: Father thank you for your love and grace. Help us to understand evangelism , but most importantly help us to do evangelism. In Jesus name amen.

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